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slave controller

  1. Larr2000

    inspire slave controller beeping with red light

    I have 2 Inspire 1 Pros and am using the following firmware versions: App: 3.1.66 Aircraft: Remote Controller 1.7.80 Camera with iPad 13.6.1and iPad Air2 13.6.1 Both aircraft connect with the remote control but when the slave (camera) is turned on, it immediately goes...
  2. D

    Does I2 slave controller receive video in a different way?

    I have a question regarding slave RC video reception method in dual remote operation of Inspire2. Has method of slave controller video reception really changed, so it does not receive video feed directly from the aircraft anymore (as Lighbridge and Inspire1 and Lighrbridge2 received video)? On...
  3. Snowbird

    USA New firmware - slave says aircraft diaconnectes

    Wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem I had on a job today. With the latest firmware installed ( my slave controller displayed "Aircraft Disconnected" and there was no view from the camera. The master worked fine and was connected to the inspire 1 I think it was due...
  4. Koptervision

    Slave Controller Not Prompting for Update - Latest Firmware

    I have Inspire ver 1 with X5 upgrade . I just did the 1.8.01 "Pro" firmware update (bird and all batteries). The Master Controller prompted for update and it is current (see image), but the Slave Controller will not prompt for update (see other image). I did the three button reset on the Slave...
  5. MrDrone

    Inspire 1 - Slave controller Question

    Can the slave controller trigger RTH? Based on the DJI manual it looks like the only control given to the slave controller is the camera gimbal and to be able to see the video feed and telemetry data. Am I correct?