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inspire slave controller beeping with red light

Nov 21, 2015
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Laguna Woods, California
I have 2 Inspire 1 Pros and am using the following firmware versions:

App: 3.1.66
Remote Controller 1.7.80

with iPad 13.6.1and iPad Air2 13.6.1

Both aircraft connect with the remote control but when the slave (camera) is turned on, it immediately goes flashing red, beeping constantly.
The error message says to calibrate the slave controller and to disconnect the aircraft. After turning off the aircraft the slave controller does not show a calibrate option in the menu. Tried swapping iPads, same results.

So I google the problem and the response I got back (outdated) says to:

Turn on both the aircraft and the controller. * Press C1, C2, and the record button on the controller, then the controller will beep like D-DD. *Let go all fingers, press the wheel on the right side of the controller and then the first light of the controller will become blue and it will constantly beep DDDD.

This is as far as I got with the blue beeping DDDD. Now stuck this mode. Powered down controller and AC. Powered back up - same problem with red light and beeping

Since DJI no longer supports the Inspire 1 community, has anyone seen how to reset/work around this problem?

Any help appreciated......
Digging 3 more layers deeper, I found the video record button (Lt side) stuck in the record mode......no way to get it loose - even with electronic cleaner spray.

Does anyone know where I can get/buy/rent/steal/borrow the technical repair manual for the Inspire 1 series.... Just tired of troubleshooting in the dark with DJI not supporting the Inspire 1. All offers accepted!!
Is this the button you are referring to?
Most of the controllers in this configuration use the same switch.
If you need one, I’m sure I could round one up.D78A03B9-87D4-4F44-A6E1-A0AA559D03B8.jpeg
Did you allow the master controller to link to the Inspire first? OR, it may need calibrating.

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