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thermal imaging

  1. Phil Case

    EMS DRONE needs your help & Support!

    Hi to all As you probably have already seen I have been working with Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Injured Ex Services and Others with Debilitating Health. I have developed an ' EMS Drone ' that can be piloted by the individuals I mentioned above. The use case is enormous and will function...
  2. Phil Case

    HELP With THE EMS DRONE still Needed!

    Hi to everyone on the forum, also for the warm welcome I have received. As many of you have probably now seen ( if you read my Introduction & Profile ), I am the Developer, Designer and Builder of the Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Ex Services and Others who have Debilitating Health ' EMS DRONE...
  3. Phil Case

    Greetings to all members

    Hi Everyone I thought it was time to introduce myself. I'm Phil and develop solutions for Disabled Individuals. I'm currently working on the ' EMS Drone ' for use by Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Ex Services, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics and even Anti Terrorism Groups. Control is using...