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Sep 11, 2016
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Hi to everyone on the forum, also for the warm welcome I have received.
As many of you have probably now seen ( if you read my Introduction & Profile ), I am the Developer, Designer and Builder of the Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Ex Services and Others who have Debilitating Health ' EMS DRONE ' ! It's built by myself a Disabled, Wheelchair Bound, Partial Amputee!
The ' EMS DRONE ' is the result of a lot of time, Research and Development and will be able to be used by Disabled Individuals as mentioned above.
It's being built by myself and I'm ' Self Funded, Non Profit '! This is until I move forward for production and even then it will be a very affordable device compared with anything even remotely close to its uses & systems.
I still desperately need items to have it ready for demonstration, I'm invited to present at the ' CES2017 ' held in Las Vegas as an eHealth remote life saving Emergency Drone.
I have asked permission from ' Mark The Editor ' if I can post regarding assistance as I understand forums have rules! Due to this being a unique project with specific uses by the groups above.
If you would like to help me to get the ' EMS DRONE ' faster to completion I need certain items for the DJI Inspire 1 V2 Drone, which without them will reduce its use by individuals that really deserve to have ' Independent Living Without Fear ', the individuals, groups that will benefit from using it have either been Injured whilst protecting our freedom, way of life! They often suffer from PTSD, lose limbs and the will to live! They not only deserve to have the opportunity for ' Independent Living ' but need so badly that element of ' Respect, Self Esteem, Equality, Dignity ' things that so many people take for granted as their rights ! Disabled Individuals, Veterans are human too and not just a Number!
Please check out my work in the links provided.
If you have equipment for the DJI Inspire and feel you want to help please let me know.
Thanks again to everyone. Help me, Help Others!
Best wishes with health, happiness and success to you, your friends, family, colleagues .
Phil Case

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