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travel mode

  1. L

    DJI inspire 1 v2.0

    Hello I got my DJI inspire 1 v2.0 yesterday. But now I can't get it out of travel mode. The first thing I did was updating de remote to 1.9xxx and then get a contection with the drone I can data like battery status. But I can't exit travel mode. As I read on the internet downgraded the...
  2. T

    Inspire 1 pro stuck in Travel Mode

    I have just had my Inspire1 returned from DJI following a control unit repair (thats what they told me was wrong anyway!) It has come back with the following firmware installed: Aircraft - Controller - 1.7.80 The aircraft will not come out of travel mode. I have tried to find an...
  3. I

    Remove Gimbal error notice

    Im curious why Im having to remove my gimbal and return to travel mode, then put the gimbal back on after each flight. Anyone else having this issue when switching the batteries?
  4. DesertWindAero

    Travel mode, gear not locked

    The last time I flew, I noticed when placing the Inspire into the case that the travel mode was not locked...I could physically move the gear down, then back up to the landing mode configuration. I powered everything back up, flicked it out of then back into travel mode, checked, and still was...
  5. DoubleHorn

    Inspire 1 Pro Black Travel Mode and Adaptive Landing Gear Issue

    To preface this, I've owned every iteration of DJI product (Phantom, Phantom 2, P2V+, Inspire 1 rev. D, P3 Pro, and just last week acquired an Inspire 1 Pro Black). I've had very few problems with the original Inspire 1 rev. D, but test flying the new Inspire 1 Pro Black I've run into some...