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  1. B

    **** SOLD *****DJI Inspire 1 Raw Complete Set | Multiple Lenses

    Location: Colorado, USA (Shipping within US ONLY) Price: $4,049 (PRICE REDUCED) OBO + Shipping FULL IMAGES IN HIGH RES HERE Are you looking to get into the commercial drone or photography industry? This is a full setup (retail price > $9,000) to get your business rolling immediately at a great...
  2. Z

    DJI Inspire 2 Semi-Permanent Mount Plate

    I've made a few of these already and decided to offer them up to others who may be interested. It's a custom designed 3D printed mount plate that attaches under the Inspire 2 (haven't tried it on a Inspire 1 yet, would be willing to send one to someone who has an Inspire 1 to give me...
  3. Z

    Inspire 2 Tripod Mount for Quick Release

    So I just wanted to test the waters for interest before I make the investment to build this mounts. I just had a baby and desperately need to make more money on the side, so here goes. This is a prototype so I used the glow in the dark filament already loaded into the 3D Printer. I plan on...
  4. D-J

    Tripod mode - today's challenge!

    Watching footage of the Mavic flying under Tripod mode, I was wondering if this can be setup on the Inspire and saved as a 'custom' configuration for relatively easy switching over too. The first part of the challenge is to limit the flight speed and the sensitivity of the input controls. Does...