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update firmware

  1. M

    Remote/app issue please HELP?

    I have a NVIDIA Shield tablet that isn’t connecting the DJI go app to the remote. Never had a problem over the last 1.5 years. I tried switching chords and that worked and then it didn’t. On top of that, the remote firmware upgrade stopped at 97%, now I have a white light on the transmitter...
  2. W

    Cannot update RC

    Have successfully update the Inspire to the latest firmware but cannot get the RC to update. Screens during update and once failed, attached. Have tried rolling back the firmware via the dji go app home page but that also fails. Please help!
  3. A

    DJI GO serious video lag

    Hi guys, I made the jump to update my AC and RC after my dji go app recently auto updated (I know, silly mistake, its now going to be switched to manual updates). Long story short after the initial dji go update to v3.0 i had TERRIBLE video lag which basically made the flight I had planned...
  4. B

    How to update the Charging Hub

    Hi any one knows how to upgrade the Charging Hub? When I plug it in to my Mac it does´t show up some where. I got a emergency landing because one of my battery all of a sudden reported battery problem at 47%. Im so glad I wasn´t over water!! I think it could depend on that I haven´t...
  5. A

    OSMO Firmware v1.2.1.60 Updated

    Link for Firmware: Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Link for Q&A Thread: DJI Forum|New Osmo firmware v1.2.1.60-Support and Questions thread :)
  6. John Snow Zombie

    About Update firmware

    Ok....first i would like to Thanks, because this Forum is Excellent! I Bought Inspire 1 there is 1 week and i'f afraid to update. My friend did and just occurred this "ESC status error.(hardware defect)" I have some questions! 1.It's required format sd card and pendrive every time I update? 2...