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used inspire1

  1. B

    Inspire 1 pro with X5 camera for sale or trade

    I'm new to this hobby and bought the wrong drone for a rookie. So I'm selling my Inspire 1 pro with 2 batteries extra propellers, controller, and charger plus whatever comes in case when you get it new. It has a few hours of fly time and I would say the batteries witch I always alternated...
  2. R

    Trying to upgrade but have no clue what to ask for what I am selling.

    Like I said I have a fantastic inspire 1v2 kit with more extras than I have ever seen sold including and extra x3 variant camera (also works with Osmo), 2 iPad Airs and an Osmo kit and I can't move it because I guess I am simply asking too much. So it's obvious that I have no idea how to price...
  3. S

    A shout out to Dan at Advexure

    I had posted a message in Classified here seeking a mint Inspire 1 V2.0. I was soon scammed by someone offering it for $750 (see my posts on that). Then Dan at Advexure connected me to Tom who has just what I was looking for at a fair price. I am SO excited. I presently fly a Phantom 4...
  4. T

    What's a good price for this used I1v1?

    I need to step up from my Yuneec 4K Typhoon and have been looking at the P4Pro. Currently only doing pics/vids but looking for the capability to add other imaging solutions. This I1v1 that has been upgraded to support the X5 camera and extended landing gear came across my radar. Do those...
  5. jon b

    Fresh Water Damaged Inspire

    So it had to happen eventually... If you look at the videos I've posted over the year, a fair number of them were flow over water with no issues. Till last week that is. The AC went down from approximately 2 ft, on the shore of a freshwater pond. I knicked a branch and the AC rolled into...