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video recording issues

  1. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch in DJI Go App

    When dual operating Inspire 1 Pro, my video feed on the camera operator's control keeps freezing up, turning green, and glitching. The pilot's video feed is normal, the malfunction is only on the camera operator's controller. This has happened with 3 different iPad minis and 3 different...
  2. marsmock

    Inspire 1 RC Master/Slave Combo with Video Drop Outs

    Hello, I realize this has been covered on some threads but I'm not having any luck on solutions. I have a master controller with my iPhone 6s and a slave controller with an ipad mini 3. When shooting my master/iPhone never loses picture. My camera op with slave/ipad mini 3 is constantly...
  3. E

    Pilot App w/ Zenmuse X3 - 4K Video Quality

    Hello All, I couldn't find a related post regarding this so hopefully this will find users experiencing the same issue I have with the Pilot app displaying Very Poor to No video quality when shooting in 4K resolution. I purchased my Inspire 1 back in March 2015 and have always had issues with...