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vision positioning system

  1. R

    Cannot Connect Inspire 2 with DJI Assistant 2- Need to Calibrate Vision System

    Ok Day 3 of attempting to calibrate the vision system on my Inspire 2. I have tried connecting the on 3 different Mac computers- 2017 iMac, 2012 Mac book pro, and 2015 MacBook Pro. When I make it to assistant 2 (updated version) I can't make it past the home page and get it to recognize the I2...
  2. dev_willis

    Is my I1 faulty?

    Hi! I've had my Inspire 1 for a month now and it is not as stable or intelligent as I was expecting it to be. I'd never even seen a drone in person before Oct 29 and knew very little about them so I'm not sure if my expectations were too high or if my unit is faulty. I'm hoping someone can help...
  3. Charles R.

    Vision Positioning System and Water

    Hello, I have recently acquired a Inspire 1 and have read that the vision positioning system should be turned off over water. I have not flown my inspire 1 over water as of today. In the DJI manual it says "operate with caution" over certain surfaces water is mentioned. Does any one have any...