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x5s problem

  1. 9

    Inspire 2 X5S Gimbal Not Working Stuck at 90 Degrees

    Hi there! I have been working on an I2/X5S kit, trying to get everything to work (backstory is that it was submerged in fresh water while in its case). I've got the drone flying but there is an issue that has developed with the camera gimbal. On startup the camera will rotate 90 degrees then...
  2. R

    Help? Dancing black and white dots.

    I just got back from a gig and noticed that in the upper right corner of the image are black dots dancing. After checking all the footage from 3 separate cards they all have the same issue. Attached is a link to the video from my gig. Possible that it could be lens related (Olympus 17mm) I did...
  3. A

    The sound of ticking from x5s

    Hello. I have a problem with my camera X5S Inspire 2. The moment I turn on the camera, I hear a strange sound similar to a ticking. During the recording, the image flickers on the recording. I am sending sound and image recording.