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Help? Dancing black and white dots.


Aug 31, 2015
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Albany NY Area
I just got back from a gig and noticed that in the upper right corner of the image are black dots dancing. After checking all the footage from 3 separate cards they all have the same issue. Attached is a link to the video from my gig. Possible that it could be lens related (Olympus 17mm) I did a test with the Olympus 45mm, the 17mm again, and the Olympus 9-12mm. All footage in these clips were shot at 100 ISO. Oddly the noise on the 45 is mostly white, the 17mm clearly black with a little white and the 9-12 (shot at 12mm) mostly white.

A couple of notes that you will not see as this test was all done in Prores 422. It is most visible at Prores 422, less at 4444XQ and "I think" invisible in DNG RAW. Also this camera has been in service for almost a year and this is the first time that I have seen this issue.
What I am hoping is for someone to have a clue if I am chasing a sensor issue or a compression codec issue that could have been brought on by a firmware update. I have some gigs coming up next week so I need to move fast so any help would be appreciated.



Here are the links in 4k, you might need to change your default resolution to 4k to get the high-res feed.

Original Gig Footage
PW: dots

3 Lens test
PW: dots
My question regarding the SD card was to help t-shoot if it was the sensor or CineCore issue. Do you have access to another X5S to try, if not I would complete a factory refresh with the Assistant 2 computer app and test again.
Just checked every shot again and I can actually see them on the SD card but to a much smaller extent. My guess is that because of the lesser resolution/detail of the codec they are not as defined?
Further tests have shown that it only seems to be happening in Norm/Cinelike and EI/Rec. It does not happen in either Norm/Norm or EI-Dlog. I would be anxious to see if anyone else can replicate this

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