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  1. sdunwell

    15mm f1.7 ASPH lens excellent reduced $125

    DJI 15mm f1.7 ASPH lens with 2 caps & lens shade, excellent condition. $125. for X5s camera on Inspire 2.
  2. R

    RAW Burst mode on SSD no live view.

    Hello all, I bought my inspire 2 with the x5s second hand. I have the ProRes license and the DJI SSD. The main reason why I bought the I2 was the possibility to shoot Raw stills in the burst mode endless. But if I use the burst mode a didn’t have a live picture. It freezes in BW and it comes...
  3. Alex G

    **SOLD****Inspire 2, ProRes & Cinema DNG, x4s & x5s, 2-Controllers.**FINAL RATE $4000

    I have a great condition Inspire 2 fully loaded with Apple Pro Res and Cinema DNG (only missing the SSD drive). 6 sets of batteries, x5s with 15mm, 25mm & 45mm lenses with Polar Pro Filters, x4s (great for mapping with mechanical shutter), 2 Controllers All the chargers, extra set of props...
  4. seattlenativemike

    Panasonic 25mm f1.4 Seattle Sunset X5s

    Mounted this lens on the X5s with appropriate balancing. Used right wheel to set aperture etc, although I could only go to f1.7. Focused for stills, AF struggled for video
  5. Alex G

    **SOLD**Inspire 2 with Apple Pro Res, 2 Controllers and 2 Cameras ***FINAL RATE $4000* + Shipping

    Selling our Inspire 2 with the apple pro res and cinema DNG with everything in the pictures . X5S & X4S Cameras. X5s has 3 lenses 15mm, 25mm & 45mm. 6 total battery sets. Located in Miami or you will need to pay for shipping. Looking for $4500. [email protected] Both x4s and x5s...
  6. S

    ProRes 422 D-Cinelike Problem (Lut baked into footage)

    Hey Y'all, I recently flew with my Inspire 2 X5S and recorded in PreRes 422 D-Cinelike. When I watched the footage after the shoot I found that all my footage looked like a LUT had been baked onto the footage. I went home and did more tests and had the same outcome when shooting D-Cinelike...
  7. johnarooo

    Color Grading Inspire 2 X5S ProRes footage

    Hey All, I'm writing because I'm a bit frustrated with the coloring process and lack of information out there on grading footage from DJI and I could use some help... The footage I filmed and I'm working with was shot with my Inspire 2, X5S sensor, DJI 15mm f/1.7 in ProRes 422 HQ. Both the...
  8. M

    Used Inspire 2 - What to check before flying

    Hello, I've bought an Inspire 2 with X5s and should arrive on the weekend/ beginning of next week, I had 2 phantoms and currently have a mavic mini, this is my first experience with the inspire, I'll like to know from you that have a lot of expertise about these drones what should I check...
  9. seattlenativemike

    Seattle Blue Hour X5S

    Had the mp2 up for a bit, then sent the I2 out with the X5s and Olympus 25mm on
  10. S

    SOLD-see below. DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera, Complete professional aerial photography setup in excellent condition

    I'm selling my excellent condition Inspire 2 with X5S camera, DJI 15MM lens, 5 sets of batteries, (10 total), 7.8 Crystalsky display, two sets of carbon props with quick release adapters, (I also have 4 sets of the stock props that go with it), FAA approved rechargeable LED position lights...
  11. Z

    Editors Having Trouble Cropping and Keeping Quality

    Hey everyone so we filmed a job with our inspire 2 using the X5S with 45mm Olympus lens. Filmed in 4K 23.98fps and raw. The editors sent me this: anyone have a fix for this?
  12. atmosphericarts

    First Night Shoot and Client Isn't Happy With Footage

    I've been working with a local pro-sports team to document the construction of their new stadium, and I recently just did a shoot of the building about an hour after sunset. While this was my first commercial night flight ever (I do have the waiver!), I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about...
  13. L

    For Sale: Zenmuse x5s with Olympus M. Zuiko 12mm F2 Lens - USA and Canada Only

    Selling my x5s in order to upgrade Camera Condition: Sensor inspected with a Quasar Loupe under red and white LED light (pictured). No visible dust, oil, debris or scratches. Image capture with front cap in places shows no dead or stuck pixels. Gimbal and camera in perfect working condition...
  14. seattlenativemike

    Mount Baker Dusk Light X5s 25mm

    sorry no graphics or music :)
  15. M

    Inspire 2 For Photogrammetry?

    Hello, I have an Inspire 2 with an X5s camera. I'm looking into getting into photogrammetry and I'm wondering if I'll have issues with the Inspire 2. I'm primarily looking into photographing large objects and recreating them into 3d models. Is it true that the X5s camera has an electronic...
  16. Mud Pit

    Mud Pit

    Recorded at the Michigan Mud Jam in August of 2019 using DJI Inspire 2, Matrice 210, and a few Mavic Pros.
  17. D

    PARTING OUT—-DJI Inspire 2, X5S, 12X BATTERIES, Charging Station

    Alright, folks, I am changing up my fleet of drones and need to sell my Inspire 2 along with everything I use for it. DJI Inspire 2, MAJOR BUNDLE, X5S, 12X BATTERIES. Condition is Used Price: $7895 USD + $100 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Included: -DJI Inspire 2 Drone -DJI...
  18. L


    My I2 fell out of the sky with 70% battery life. I have uploaded a video with the flight log and camera footage. Looking to this community to help understand what happened
  19. B

    For Sale Zenmuse X5s and Lenses

    Price: $1600 US Location: MI, USA shipping included (in country) I bought this with my Inspire 2 right at the time the X7 was released - which I then quickly bought and used instead. I totally forgot I even had these Zenmuse X5s Lumix 14-42mm Lumix G 14-42mm
  20. X

    Cinematic clouds & fog over Atlantic City - Laowa 9mm Zero - D lens

    Set out to capture a sunset overlooking our hotel, ended up leaving with footage of the coolest rolling fog and cloud formations overtaking Atlantic City. The last scene contains a lenticular cloud (usually only seen hovering mountains) sitting atop our hotel. Shot in 5k/4k raw with the new...