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Able to do super slow pan/tilt? And other I1 questions from a non-owner

Jan 3, 2014
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I'm not an inspire owner, but am curious if you can get the same super-smooth camera yaw and tilt that was possible with the phantom2 h3-3d.

Seems like a silly question , right? But I know sometimes with the "better" product, they strip out features or add restrictions.

On the P2, we could set the camera tilt gain so low that it would take the camera several seconds to ease into its new position, which made for excellent video. We also had the yaw very slow, which was a BIG factor in good video. We used a resistor in the TX to achieve this. Does I1 have this by default?

Peeking in the app - is the artificial ceiling really 500m?
Is there 4k 30fps? I only saw 4k 25fps.
Can I fly in manuaL mode?
Any features you found you missed?

Thank you
The Inspire does smoother yaw or tilt.
Yaw or pan is best done with the gimbal wheel, you can set it the same slowness like the tilt parameter.
Ceiling is 500m
4k30fps i think yes but not sure
Inspire has no manual mode

The expresso machine in the Inspire makes just one cup, i need 2.
What i like to see is a ND2 Filter.

All in all a pretty good video bird

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