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Another lesson learned. 1 BBQ'd Inspire 1 coming right up.

Reminds me when my ES600 caught fire mid flight :( The nut at the bottom of main shaft was rubbing the battery, my jaw just dropped and I froze (felt like forever) probably 30 seconds or so before running to grab the extinguisher still ended up being a total loss, bought another one and made sure it wasn't rubbing anymore :)
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First; My condolences. Sorry for your loss..

Just a thought: If the signal between main controller and Inspire gets lost, the bird will Return to Home in a straight line on the height that was set. Off the shelf that will be at 20 meters. If you have a large object in between of the pilot and the drone, this is likely to happen, probably at the exact time when the pilot can't see the drone. This scenario is more likely to occur when the drone is a further away (i.e. when the signal is already weaker than nearby).

A couple of tips:
  1. Keep the drone in Visual Line of Sight (this often also is a legal requirement) => this requires the shot to be taken in smaller pieces from multiple pilot positions.
  2. Don't fly further away than the legal limits (usually 300-500 Meters voor VLOS). At 300 meters away, the I1 can still fly safely around small objects such as trees.
  3. If you have to fly around an object, place the pilot on that object so your controller never looses contact with the drone.
  4. Install more sensitive antenna's so that the signal does not get lost.
  5. Set Return to Home Height higher than the object you are trying to fly around (if you loose signal, drone will come back over -rather than through- the object)
  6. Don't try this type of action until DJI has come up with Ground station (waypoints) Firmware, of which its use will still be illegal in some countries.
  7. Don't fly around obstacles that have concrete/metal in them. You probably are not allowed to fly around any building but that depends per country.
Tip 1-4 are the legal options that you always have. 4-7 are not legal in most countries. With Option 4, DJI will state that you have changed the drone config => End of Warranty
Really, 20 minutes to basically say "don't crash your drone" which is kinda obvious in the first place?
Some are really taking that vlog thing a bit too far...

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Heres my recommendation:
1) Get better at flying
2) maybe dont fly your friends inspire, let alone attempt dual operator if you're not skilled drone nerd
2) Install FPV camera for pilot
3) dont fly beyond your skill level or you'll ruin it for the rest of us

Didn't you realize ahead of time that as soon as buddy turns the camera you'll lose orientation? lol c'mon bro!
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