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Any plans to upgrade to Inspire 3

I need RAW in at least 4K 30FPS. Anything less than that is a NoGo. Need smooth manual focus and a focus wheel for focus pull etc. and also changeable lenses for Bokeh and shallow depth of field shots. I also like the S35 sensor as it is the same as many of the other cameras used in most productions. I also need a slew of simple but mandatory little things in the I2 like anamorphic guide bars, which are extremely frustrating when you don't have them. If the I3 has all that and is backward compatible with the X7, it would be worth a look. If not, I will continue to fly I2s until something comes along that has what I need.

As for "wish list" items, I wish the I2 had the path record function (I forget what they called it) in the 3DR Solo. That allowed you to fly a path, including all gimbal movements etc., and record the path. You could then "play" it back in either direction and speed or slow it as needed. If you do film and ever used it, you know why I loved it. It was MUCH easier than setting up "waypoints" (which are pretty unusable for that function in film) and MUCH easier to use, as well as much smoother in operation, and it worked with not just the craft, but also the gimbal and camera. It was perfect for filming multiple takes of the same shot. I haven't seen anything else like it since. The problem was Solo used GoPro which didn't produce adequate video. I have been waiting for DJI to adopt it since. Would love it if that made it into the I3
Looks like you got your wish with repeatable flight paths ... :)
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