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Are you guys happy with the inspire?

May 22, 2015
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I've been flying helis for a while now. I have a phantom 3 pro and am loving it. With only one battery, I flew my 53 flight today. Still, after watching some videos on youtube on the inspire and watching mythbusters Jaime with his, I feel I might be missing something. I have a photography background. Since the canon AE1 days. Paid my expenses in college with photography. Developed film. Moved on to DSLRs and have several L lenses. love photography. Love flying my helis and love having high quality video.

What I like about the inspire is the looks. The speed it can travel. With the phantom 3, I get at best 35 MPH with the wind and normally around 27 MPH against. So, should I be happy with what I have or move to something bigger? The video quality is the same I see on both devices. Should I just wait until the next inpsire 2 comes along? I wouldn't have a problem doing that since I love flying the phantom 3.

I am just starting my research. So the question is.....are you happy with the inspire 1? I like the size of the phantom. It would be a nice toy to keep in the back seat of the truck for quick flying. Only takes turning it on and calibrating the compass and I'm off, whereas I'd think the inspire take a bit longer to set up. Thoughts?
Inspire is so easy, just as easy as the phantom, well, you gotta get out of travel mode (a pain for some, I know, 15 whole seconds longer) I don't think you're gonna see any better quality over your phantom3, photo wise, pretty much same 4k camera, inspire has more video options. You'll dumb yourself down a bit as far as features, DJI is slowly integrated the p3 features with the i1. I personally think the p3 will do anything the i1 will do, photo wise.

Yes I'm very happy with it. I come from a long line of custom built multicopters and the inspire is just so f***ing easy to setup compared to those. I used to have to plan my shoots a day in advance, now I can just go. I don't know, if you have the money go for it.
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I have both and whilst I love flying the P3. My heart is in the inspire. It's just everything in one package that flies,looks and performs mint. I would gladly sell the p3 to pay for any major repairs to the inspire. Enough said
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I am very satisfied with my Inspire 1. It flies beautifully, is exceptionally stable and a superb camera platform. I am very happy with the video and the images I have captured. My only wish would be for an increase in the size and noise quality of the stills camera to produce larger prints (ie. greater than A4). I am very confident in flying this platform to do the job I want to it do. Ignore all those who say otherwise.
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I'm from a photography background, mainly working on Landscapes for the last 6 years, never flown any type of platform before, purchased this and flew straight out of the box, so easy, so responsive and the imagery is pretty good too, not brilliant, your paying the the build of the bird not really the camera, 4k video is awesome, I actually extract frames from the 4k footage to use for photos some times. I've also looked at the Phantom since its release, not convinced its anywhere near as good, not even considering the price difference, its just looks and feels like it would get thrashed around in the high winds like a rag doll, whereas the Inspire is rock solid.

No regrets purchasing mine, not even with all the issues out there!
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