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Beware of DVPLLC aka Drone Video Productions

Feb 2, 2015
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Warning to all Members: DVPLLC / Drone Video Productions with a Wyoming LLC is a fraudulent company being run by a wanted fugitive from Boise, Idaho with a grand larceny warrant out for his arrest. His real name is Daniel Alexander Cannon who uses the following aliases: Alexander Lightspear, Alex, John Cannon, Lacy Cannon, Alex, Alexander and John Dockery. You can see his arrest warrant at the Ada County Sheriff's website in Boise, Idaho. Go to the warrants section and type in his last name: Cannon.
:eek: What is his point of starting a new company and signing up photographers around the world? Is his website malicious?
Please no more! I sent this guy off with a flea in his ear when he couldn't answer the question as to why his company wasn't registered in the state of Wyoming.
He came back with some crap about the papers being filed this week - wrong answer!
I also listed the companies in the US that have been granted FAA approval thus far and asked why his company wasn't on the list. - there was no reply.

No need to investigate further - the company is being run by a wanted criminal and has no legal status in the jurisdiction it is purportedly set up in.

Thanks for the replies. First and foremost, the post was meant to save anyone from being taken advantage of. Residents of Belize got me involved when DVPLLC / Drone Video Productions was claiming that they were going to make a documentary in Belize. DVPLLC was soliciting businesses for PAYMENT up front for travel expenses, lodging and recreational activities. The people of Belize were suspicious because money was being asked for before any product was produced. I contacted DVPLLC and asked for legitimate business information which included the owners drivers license and insurance info. Nothing was ever produced so I did some more research and found out that the owner Daniel Alexander Cannon is a current wanted fugitive running from the Sheriff's department in Idaho for Grand Larceny. He also has probation violation warrants and over 13 MILLION in court judgments against him in Idaho. I ask the moderators/ editors of this forum to warn every member about this fraudulent company so no others fall prey.

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