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California Flight Restrictions

Jan 6, 2015
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I have a shoot in Oceanside Calif (San Diego) coming up. Other than the usual FAA issues, does anyone have any insight about local laws regarding flying? Most of what I'm shooting will be below 200'. Any help would be appreciated.
The state should only have the ability to regulate where you operate as a person standing on property, whether it's public or private land. As far as the craft is concerned (when airborne) only FAA has say. That being said, your takeoff and landing points should be on private property with with permission from the land owner so that you don't have to worry about the police telling you to vacate public property. If the flight is for any form of hire or compensation, or generates any product or service that is for any form of compensation you will require an exemption from the FAA, and would be required to comply with the exemption from the FAA. Furthermore you need to ensure you are outside congested areas (shown on sectional) and outside B, C, or D airspace (also on sectional) and 5 miles from an airport. Publishing a NOTAM is something I suggest so that aircraft operating in the area are aware of your operations. FAA controls the air, state/city controls the ground. Please don't go against the regs, it's not just you that you will be effecting. Enough operators show the FAA that they don't give a **** and the FAA just might respond in kind.
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Check with your local Airports and Heliports. I know you have two small airports that can be quite busy, with the one off the 76 where they do Parachute jumping on a regular basis. Just check with your local FAA office and you should be fine. Good Luck!
DJI has the flight restrictions programed into there flight controllers. The A airports are 5 mile rad. B airports are 1.6 or close to that. There is more detail on the fly safe DJI site that might correct my numbers and how it works but what I list is close. We have always used clearance from local authorities, event planners, public officials and used the permit process for State Parks flights. We respect the airports but outside there rad and below 250' we usually go the local route for non commercial projects..

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