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Calling all Video/Photo wizards(pre-post production)

Feb 1, 2015
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been following all the top info on and here and realise its a top resource.

Love my new I1.

Just getting into the Video/Photo side of things and I am having a few issues-

Video-footage looks ok apart from it being slightly "grainy" whilst on 4K/60fps.

Also I can take and view photographs using jpeg+dng-however I can only open jpegs not dng. I am using mac.

Lastly what editing tools for video and photographs would you guys recommend?

I realise this is my first post and these are "basic" questions but at the minute I am like a sponge sucking in all this new knowledge, keeping what works for me and squeezing out the not so useful!!!

Thanks in advance for any help from any "Yoda" to young "Inspire 1 Jedi"


I'm no Yoda, but I do know the Inspire doesn't shoot 4K at 60fps. Perhaps you have it set to 1080p or 720p HD at 60fps? It still shouldn't look that grainy though. If you're new to video editing, I'd recommend iMovie that comes on your Mac. You can learn a lot of basics on that program.

As for the photos, you can only open DNG files with Adobe products such as Photoshop or Lightroom. If you don't have those programs, just shoot in JPG format for now. Anyone else can feel free to chime in if there are other programs that can open and edit DNG files that I don't know about. I've never looked since I use Adobe.
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Really great response thanks.

Since I got "bit" by the quad copter bug it amazes me how friendly and helpful the people that use them are!!!

The symptoms of the quad copter bug are a constant awareness of video footage on tv and if it was or could be filmed by a quad, a general impatience of mains electricity whilst it takes circa an hour to charge a battery and an ability to feel the sticks even when it is well below freezing and any other mere mortals fingers would have got frostbite and dropped off!!!!

Any more information/tips for good photo/video gratefully recieved


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