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Check out this new Inspire 1 Sunshade - It's Awesome

Wanna know what is crazy with ALL of the sunshades, even the one I bought?
NONE of them have been manufactured with a hole/slot for the USB cable to connect with the tablets...
If it is hard material, you might have trouble adapting it. I had to cut a hole in mine.
One more thing, this one does not have a slot for the mounting plate for the Inspire 1. It will not fit the controller.
Notice there is no photo of it on the controller? Most Inspire sunshades have a slot at the top to hold the ipad in place.
Thanks guys. We understand what is needed by no means are we perfect but we are trying to hit all of the areas that are important to you guys. We fly the Inspire 1 along with many other Multi's and know we want and need. We are trying to learn what you want and need and we will keep refining our item to fit your needs. Thank for being real Sky High Photography we all make mistakes.

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