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Commercial use issues

Am I the only person wondering if the people that say there are no drone 'laws' are the same ones saying the IRS doesn't have the right to collect taxes????
So you didn't start this thread to get "feedback"
you started this thread to "whine"
"business gets stolen from us"
(maybe have better "pricing" and business won't get "stolen" from you)
You sound like an illegal person trying to justify why you shouldn't have a license. We paid our 10k to have a license and someone has to pay for that. We cant afford to do $50 flights and as such, I will be reporting everyone I find that has no license. I dont think you would like it if I went o your employer and offered to do your job for a fraction of your wages/
Yes, I must have misunderstood?

Please stop saying illegal, (there are no LAWS yet in the USA, so it CANNOT be ILLEGAL).
I will Paypal you $1000 right now if you can provide a link to an actual LAW regarding your statement.
In Australia it is illegal to fly a drone for any commercial use without a license.
Hello all,

I have seen several commercial posts here so I thought I could get some good feedback. Currently, my understanding is that the FAA prohibits the use of drones for commercial use unless you have been given a 333 exemption, and in order to qualify you must be a licensed pilot and even then you must still have a qualified observer during flight.

There are some states that have some taken some initiative, like mine (nc), and put forth bills into law allowing the use of drones for commercial use, but wouldn't you still be operating illegally according to the FAA?

A local resource told me I would be even though I believe I would not be.

I would like to know because I have patiently waited to add drone photography to my services while amateurs in my area are making a business with it illegally(?). As a professional and an inspire pilot I always make it a priority to follow all safety and laws, but I'm getting frustrated. I am tired of turning down business.

For those of you that have flown for commercial reasons, what is your interpretation of the current laws and regulations, and have you had any negative response from the FAA for your operation?

Thanks a bunch

This excerpt was taken from the NCDOT page here NCDOT: Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Requirements for Commercial Operators
Federal Requirements - Commercial UAS/drone operators must receive a Section 333 Exemption from the federal government. Much like a COA, this is a case-by-case exemption that must be applied for and approved by the FAA.

As an alternative to a Section 333 Exemption, a UAS operator may apply for a federal Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. Once an operator receives either a Section 333 Exemption or a Special Airworthiness Certificate, the UAS must be used in accordance with any restrictions or limitations included in the FAA’s authorization.

State Requirements - Commercial operators must take and pass NCDOT's Knowledge Test and then apply for a state permit.

To obtain a permit, operators must provide the state proof of their authorization to conduct commercial UAS operations from the FAA (see Federal above).

Unlike government operators, commercial operators do not need to be approved by the state chief information officer.

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