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UK Coverdrone Flysafe ?

Jun 9, 2014
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I'd be interested in the opinion of other certified UK Pilots about the new Coverdrone Flysafe app. This is available free to those who have Coverdrone Insurance through John Heath. I almost installed it until I started to read the terms and conditions about sharing my personal data and decided to sit it out until I had found out more about this app.

A lot of the information it aims to provide is blindingly obvious to anyone able to read a map or use Sky Demon. But maybe this app could save time?

Do you want your own flights monitored? Is this useful? This is shown as an an option with Altitude Angel notifying you if there is potential conflict with manned aviation utilising ADS-B ( Wiki - Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked)

By using the app at a basic level you are allowing Altitude Angel to gather information about . . . .

'your visit, including URLs starting with a referring site, your activity on this Website and the site you exit to, analytics about your use of our Drone Safety Map, a list of errors that have occurred associated with your visit (if any) and performance information about how well our Website pages were delivered;

- data in respect of your location / GPS;'

This all pretty standard but will be interested in the feedback of anyone who might have used this app.
ADS–B is what the CAA will eventually push for but that is to integrate all airspace. so thats everyone who uses the air
helicopters etc
and UAVs

theres no point in just integrating SUAs if the rest of the airspace users cannot see us or we see them.

But any APP that logs what I'm doing doesn't get used by me. I use a few for checks but when I'm flying my cell signal is off and I refuse to have anything else running while i'm flying. I don't even let DJI go connect to the net at all anymore. I actually delete it then reinstall every now and then.

plus I have a rig that doesn't even use an app when flying, sometimes old tech rules :)

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