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directional control adjustment

Trying to figure out how to reduce sensitivity on rotation control.
Practice! :p

There are no dual rate adjustments on the Inspire remote but you can alter the yaw sensitivity around mid stick by altering the exponential under 'Gain & Expo tuning'.

Practice makes perfect though and there is no substitute for stick hours.
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A quick trick to reduce sensitivity is to extend the sticks up thereby lengthening the shaft and reducing sensitivity. Shorter sticks give you more sensitivity

If you look at the photo the left stick is at the top position and the right shows the knurled nuts split apart. make sure you only hand tighten them when you adjusted them to the height you prefer


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might sound silly to some, but I made a custom stick setup that setup my controller exactly how I have my sticks on my PS4. Im an avid call of duty player, have been for the last 10 years, the stick layout I use is so deeply ingrained in to my brain it was natural to switch it to my inspire. 99% of the time probably doesn't matter, but in that moment of distress when you react to an unknown or unexpected even and your muscle memory takes over it is very useful

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