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DIY "Case" for Inspire in Landing Mode

Apr 14, 2015
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I don't like to take the camera on/off when i go out flying. Since I had an accident with a small LiPo, I'm really careful with my LiPo batteries, I never leave them out of my sight (VLOS?) and I never leave them in my car. So, the Kit-case doesn't do it for me. The tailored cases for Inspires in landing mode are quite costly. I'm a Hobby Piloot. I love buying gadgets but also like to create stuff myself (i.e. hobby).

This weekend I created a prototype "case" (some will call it portable bookshelf with plexiglass back) that is 50 * 50 * 19.5 cm. Smaller and definitely cheaper to everything that i have seen so far (the whole box cost me 40 Euro). I thought i'd share the pictures with you,

Top compartment contains the 2 controllers (one with a FPV Monitor Mount), Middle compartment contains props, DJI harness, BlackPearl Monitor with sunshade, iPAD Air and box with cables/tools. Lower compartment contains a padded aluminium LIPo battery case. The box can be carried horizontally as well as vertically. When placed vertically you can sit comfortably on it. The components/boxes are clamped in foam. The drone is locked to the case using a single velcro belt that goes through the battery compartment of the drone. The box is made to cary an inspire-1 in landing mode. The drone rests on the two middle shelves and is kept in its place by the velcro belt. Camera can stay on and can turn without touching anything. Bottom part of Inspire does not touch wood. Props can stay on the drone (albeit they will stick out, which is not good when the box is used as backpack).

The only thing left to do is the addition of the shoulder straps to carry the box as a backpack (i have a spare backpack case adapter see below) and two handles. Next model will be made of thinner material since this prototype weighs 9 kilo or this box will get wheels. For now this, suffices for me, until i have found something better.

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