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DJI Case Dimensions for Pelican Case

I'm glad the DJI is giving away a free case with the pre-order of the Inspire 1. Because the price on all drone cases is ridiculous.
Did anyone ever clarify if the free inspire case is durable enough for air transportation? I thought it would be a good idea to take the insides out of the DJI case and put them inside a pelican case for air travel. If I was to do that I think the Pelican 1610 would be a good option. Anyone disagree?
With the DJI Inspire 1 case measurements at 19x20x9.5", I don't think the Pelican 1610 will work. In fact, I don't believe any Pelican case is an ideal fit.
So far all we have for case dimensions is 580x520x275mm or 22x19x9.5" I am guessing those are exterior dimensions for the case included with the Inspire.

Does anyone know the interior dimension of the foam inside the case? I would like to insert the pre-existing dividers into a better, stronger case like a pelican or HPRC. So far I am thinking the Pelican 1560 should fit with a little extra room for an extra controller, iPad, and more batteries.

Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!
My HPRC 2700 Vision case has interior dimensions of 22 x 18 x 10. I am hopeful this will fit the foam inserts of the Inspire case.


Have received the exterior foam insert dimensions from DJI. 552 x 484 x 236 or 21.47/64 x 19 1/16 x 9 19/64.

It appears that the HPRC 2700 will be too short, by an inch, in the width. Case interior width is 18 inches and foam insert width is 19 1/16. Length and Height OK.

ill have to check pelican, or otherwise wait to see what Tradecraft comes up with.
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