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DJI Customer Service

How Do You Feel About DJI Overall Customer Service

  • Satisfied

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Needs Improvement

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • Discusted

    Votes: 13 68.4%

  • Total voters
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I had a brand new 5700 battery I had used once & had to ship it to DJI Service Center in Ca. And from the time they received my battery to the time that they diagnosed that it was defective & would be shipping me a new one was a total of only 8 business days! I'll take that type of treatment & quick turnaround anytime!!! So I was very happy!! Not sure if that's your ? But I figured that most folks R So used to hearing nothing but awful stories about DJI CS, I thought that I should be fare & post a positive comment when deserved... BTW: this is for the Inspire-1

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I voted "needs improvement" - overall they've been good to me - replaced a flyaway and did free repairs on a couple of gimbals but getting through to someone who will listen and take the time to evaluate the issue is one of their problems. Another "major" is turn around time for repairs & replacements. Their biggest issue is lack of support for earlier products. It took 2 years for a firmware update for Naza M flight controls - and guys with S800s and S1000s have been left out in the cold re: updates & support. Chalk it up to growing pains and we're all witness'
I have several times. Average time to wait for phone was 10 min's on over 5 times I've called. The Tech's were all a 9 out of 10. On a scale.
Now the Text or online service is a whole different story!! Used them about 10 different situation. To sum it up I've written 3 complaint emails to supervisors for how I was treated! It but be the the 4 or 5th string doing this job!
I only had 1 positive experience with the text or online customer service!!!

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I had run into a problem with my inspire pro the ESC went out
I called DJI Support shipped it back to them for free
It was One month out of 1 year warranty
They fixed it for free and shipped it back free
It was explained that it was a faulty board and covered it
They were great and I followed all the instructions to prep it for shipment so I do not understand all the bad experiences
DJI has come a long way sence I bought my first drone back in 2013
I think any new industry there is problems

Any body remember the first 4 gig laptops as big as today's desktops
I have never had to call DJI support.

Most of the complaints I have seen posted here regarding DJI have been due to pilot error and then expecting DJI to make it good, in many cases they have done exactly that. In some cases they have made a determination that they would not cover it due to out of warrantee or due to it not being DJI fault.

It does sound like many have better luck if they create a ticket through the website rather than with a phone call.

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