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DJI Inspire 2 Custom Payload

Feb 5, 2024
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I am assembling a payload system into a drone, but I'm worried that the DJI Inspire was not the correct choice. I have a third party gimbal (Gremsy Mio) that holds my payload, but I had to 3D print an adapter to mount it to the Inspire. Also, I can't find anything online to indicate that the Inspire has a way to connect with the gimbal and send it the MAVLink commands that the Gimbal needs. I have a Jetson Xavier as part of the payload, but through much effort and failure, I found that the gimbal alone cannot be remotely controlled without a Pixhawk or similar controller. Is it possible at all to control a third party gimbal using an Inspire?
It maybe easier to use a Matrice 200/210 series that have the dual gimbal option. The control is already in there software and integrated in air frame. I have found that using all the others components to add second gimbal can be a a rather messy design and build.

We desgined this for a similiar build on Inspire 1.

My feeling it was to complex and heavy . I decided the Inspire 1/2 was not the best choice

I use the Matrice Series now.
I don't think it's possible to get MAVlink out of Inspire 2 - if anyone discovers a way how to do that it would be great achievement...

However on second part (whether you need Pixhawk for gimbal) there is definitely an option - standard SimpleBGC does not require input from flight controller, you can have it as a standalone gimbal controlled through separate receiver

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