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DJI Inspire Part 42...

Dec 11, 2014
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South Africa
Hi Guys

I'm browsing throught the available parts list for the I1 and came across "Part 42" that includes:

1. Gimbal Rubber Dampers
2. U-EVA Sticker for Remote Controller
3. EVA Foam for Battery

Question is, what the heck is this "EVA Foam for Battery"? How is it used and what is their purpose? I am almost sure I tossed the 2 that came with my mine...


Thermal pads to keep the battery warm in temps <5°C. It's written on them...
Thermal pads to keep the battery warm in temps <5°C. It's written on them...
Ok, not those.

I couldnt figure that out as well, I thought they were blade holders, but I dont think so
yeah i would be also interested what this is.. was wondering about these in the case and now they are just in the way and i never use them..
?? what is it?
Well, look at the part descriptions:

1. Gimbal Rubber Dampers (Easy enough to figure out)
2. U-EVA Sticker for Remote Controller (Nothing sticky about those 2 mysterious items.)
3. EVA Foam for Battery (Then this must be the 2 foam items indicated by the red arrow?)

Now this means that those 2 items must be battery related? How?
It's the opposite. The foam for battery are the thermal protection stickers (hence my reply earlier).

So they must be no 2... Maybe to put in the tablet holder?

I didn't have these in my box.
They were covering the control arms below the main arms when I opened the case with mine. I figured they were to protect them in transit.

Exactly. If you didn't see them covering the arms/rods when you first opened your case then they may have come loose (one of mine was). I still use mine (for now anyways) for this purpose in the case and found a good position where they won't come loose.
I came across this item online today and thought it was strange that those are called "u-eva sticker for remote", so it seems they has something to do with the remote?
But in my case they were also placed around the lover thin arms on the aircraft.
I wonder if they are intended to be used as something else as well since their name implies thats the case?
mine fell out as i unpacked the inspire, I think they were holding the smaller control arms during transport, Think I threw them away.
Mine were on the thinner arms, one had come loose. I tried to keep putting them back there in transit for a while, but in the end I've lost one, and don't use the other now as they're too inconvenient. I just assumed they were packing material.
Those two rubber sleeves were on the lower smaller arms on my inspire when I 1st opened the case from new. I now use them my iPad mini which sits nicely in the manual compartment front of case. They help the iPad from banging into the nose of the inspire.;)
Ok, not those.

Those are for The transmitter antennas and the folding pad holder underneath so when you close the case everything is completely secured no rubbing on the transmitter face from iPad holder


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