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Do you trust your Inspire yet?

How much do you trust your Inspire to fly, record and land safely?

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Jan 18, 2014
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Christchurch, New Zealand
After flying my Inspire a total of 43 kms on multiple flight I have decided I'm not 100% comfortable with it until the next FW update, or possibly the one after that! There are just too many little quirks at this stage which, individually wouldn't bother me but all put together make me real nervous. They are:

Drifting after take off
Erroneous compass errors
Gimbal jerky
Hyper active gain settings (not a major)

I've flown hundreds if not thousands of kilometres with my old Phantom 2 which I trust absolutely. It had its issues with drifting etc when I first got it, which were all sorted out with FW updates over time. My relationship with my P2 developed over time to the point now where I'm happy to fly it out 4kms over the open ocean without any fear of it misbehaving.

I really, really want to learn to love my Inspire the same way. I've never crashed it, it's never flown away but it isn't at that point yet where it's my 'go-to' bird to take out to get any serious work done. I did some aerial photo work for a couple of local businesses yesterday but I chose to use the P2 because I know it's solid, reliable and will just perform exactly as I expect it to.

Just a quick poll to gauge the general sentiment about reliability issues out there in Inspire land. Perhaps the guys from DJI (incidentally I have a huge respect for the help these guys give us) will see this poll and pass the results up the chain for future releases or products. Anyway, check out the poll and give us your honest opinion.
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Hi there,

I've done just over 5 hours of flight time, with a total distance of 29,475m and 74 launches.

Pretty much flew it all of yesterday non stop for 5 hours to provide livestream footage to a motorsport event -I have 3 x TB48 and 1 x TB47 which I cycled through. Yes it's a brand new unit which I put straight to work.

For me, everything works as expected. If it does something strange e.g. midair drift I've always had a logical explanation, such as low GPS signal resulting switch to P-POSI or P-ATTI etc.

RTH feature is pretty much bang on within 1-2 meters. I was so confident that I was flying FPV pretty much the entire time and all the way to the fringe of visual signal and battery time. When automatic RTH kicks in on low battery I let it completely land by itself whilst getting the next battery ready to go.

The only thing I did not know was that if you ignore automatic RTH and reach critcal battery it will land by itself, wherever it is -I found this out by testing and hovering right next to me so it was a safe landing anyway (landing gear automatically lowered etc.)
4h43, 33 flights and 53km, 0 issue. So yes, it's probably even pretty much the most reliable machine I have!
As all the above, love it despite the issues, a whole new ball game for me, yes I would love a S900 with a GH4, but for the money and ease of use and the fact that the issues can (hopefully) be sorted soon and the camera improved/replaced over time, this goes a long way to making this a positive step from a hobby to a semi-professional piece of kit.
Because of all the negative flack, I'm waiting for something bad to happen. Nothing yet. Lots of flights, even out of site flights over my ranch. It performs extremely well. It's my first drone. I have nothing to compare it to. I'm ready for Inspire II.

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