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Drone Insurance Providers

SquareTrade price for a $2,000 - $2,999 camera, which the Inspire 1 may be considered as, is $459 for 3 years ($337 for 2). An extra $337 or $459 to protect a $2,899. Not great, but not bad either. Somewhere in the middle. Would cover all damage and failure (including accidental), and wear and tear, but not loss or theft. Renter's or homeowner's insurance may cover loss and theft though (even when it's not inside your home).


Edit: Reading through the later pages of the thread mentioned above, it seems that SquareTrade may have changed their policy and may only cover the camera portion of P2V, P2V+, and Inspire 1, but not the rest of it. They may sell you the warranty saying it's all covered, but when you submit a claim after a crash, they may not cover it. Too risky.
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best source going for insurance on UAV both commercial and private ownership has been Highlands Aviation Insurance. They have pioneered a program for UAV's that does not discriminate against non-pilots (FAA)

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