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Dronexpert NX500 360 head...

Jun 9, 2015
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Has anyone else ordered one of these from dronexpert.nl? If so, how did you get on?


Mine arrived and looked ok. No manual, as they are still writing it (but even a bullet-pointed e-mail wouldn't go amiss).

The two issues I have are:

1) The Samsung NX500 camera does not trigger via the USB connector
2) The base mounting guide needs extra long screws to fit into the base of the Inspire 1, but it came with none.

I've tried contacting these guys but they take several days to reply. Must be out having too much fun with all their gadgets!

Here's a video of mine not taking pictures


Sorry I have no experience with this

On a side note-

How do you find the NX 500 quality-photos/video?

Do you find transcoding H65 a PITA when filming on 4K?

Finally have you got your gucci 360 pano bit of kit to work on Inspire?

Drone expert have a pretty good rep- what have they said about it?

Rig looks good Im hoping you are all set up and running!!
Hi there, the picture quality is superb - very good for such a lightweight camera. I've not captured any video with it yet, but a recent firmware update improved several aspects of 4K capture.

Sadly the 360 pano head was faulty in terms of the USB trigger. To be fair to Dronexpert, they are sending me out another one ASAP, so when I get it I'll post a result.
I was wondering how long h265 would take to transcode say 1hour of 4k footage?

Anyone have any experience?
I have tried to trigger some samsung nx cameras in the past, I found them to be very temperamental.

I have not seen this product before, it seems to be rather expensive, is it 3d printed? Do they give any indication of the temps that it can withstand without warping?

To me it seems like a 360 degree servo with a 3d printed mount and an RC receiver. Add an arduino and some code and 600 euros seems to be a bit overpriced. . . .

I guess if its a good design and it works well then maybe its worth it.

I assume that it always takes the photos at the same overlap? It doesnt know it the wind yaws the drone slightly between photos? And I guess from looking at the videos of it on youtube that it has no attitude compensation, so only works well on a windfree day?

Sorry to ask a lot of questions and not help you, but it does look interesting

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