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Erratic low level flight

Just got her back from repair... it's raining out so I can't go out for a test.
One thing I can say, DJI service is the very definition of OPAQUE.
I've been emailing and calling daily and have never been able to speak with anyone at the actual repair facility.
The images on the repair site listed as "Images of Damaged Parts:" are not helpful at all
I've begged them to let me know what the cause may have been... to no avail. I explained to them in an email about what I do and why the mod is there.
The unit was returned with my power mod in tact as far as I can tell... the 9v cable is still there... I'll fire up and test voltage to confirm. So my assumption is that the cause was not related to that...
But I want to wait and hope someone will try and help me understand how all these things suddenly went wrong before hooking it all back up I suppose... just in case.
Also, I need to find out from them if all this new stuff I just paid for will be under warranty, now with my 9v DJI Air mod in place... since the factory installed the new parts and left my mod there.
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Thanks for the update. My suspicion is they probably don't know the root cause either, and simply just replaced all components that can be linked to the behavior.
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