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ESC Error

Apr 13, 2015
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Roanoke, VA
I have an Inspire 1 and love it but there is a problem and I can't find any solution online, yet.

When I power up the Inspire the left rear led comes on white and when I try to start the motors the Pilot app indicates an ESC error (restart and if the problem persists contact DJI) and I also get a gimbal calibration error. I cycle power up and down again and after 4 or 5 times the ESC error goes away and I can start the motors and fly.

The Inspire will then consistently power up through the rest of the day without the ESC error after each battery swap and I have no problems flying the unit. The gimbal calibration warning persists on each power up but the Inspire flies and shoots video without any apparent problems.

I sent email to DJI support but have not heard anything from them yet. Is there anyone out there with similar problems and (better yet) solutions and suggestions? Can anyone enlighten me?
I was on my third flight outdoors on my brand new Inspire 1 after two months of waiting. I then took my I1 inside to test the indoor flight capabilities only to receive the 'ESC' error code. After reading this very forum I sent mine in as well. 5 weeks later it was returned from DJI stating there was nothing wrong with my aircraft. I just unboxed it went through compass cal., firmware upgrades (RC, 5 batteries, aircraft) I then fired it up and went to simulator mode to test my new stick settings and bam, ESC error code again. I then took the aircraft outside of which it fired up without issue. I am curious if the ESC error code has to do with being inside and no GPS signals?
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) tells each motor how to act and react accordingly.

From DJI support "An ESC error should be taken very serious. a bad esc will cause your unit to misbehave putting the drone at risk."
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During a flight the other day my Inspire started flying very erratically and somehow I was able to regain control and land. The next five flights were fine. Flight six just after take off it was again very unstable and crashed into a tree and fortunately physically damaged only two props. Now there is a constant ESC error. Wanted to share the experience and will be sending it in.
I am still waiting for mine to come home. Sent it in 6 weeks ago and still not a word from them ... I hope they actually fix it.
Shawn is it happening the same way I describe in the original post? I will let you know when and if I ever get it back from DJI. They entered it in their system June 11th and I have had zero communication from them ... what a way to do business.
Big ole negative. Still flying but it is becoming more burdensome. Trying to talk to Tahoe Ed... Will update you
Yesterday was chosen by the Russian roulette called "update DJI"!

After updating the Inspire 1, despite having been successful, the ESC no longer work! It accesses the yellow light of an arm and try to start the engines is the message "esc status error."

I contacted the DJI and said that I will have to send the device for analysis.

I live in Brazil and such transmission will take much !!! In short, I will lose a lot of money and many customers.

I need to vent! I can not stand working with such uncertainty! We buy equipment that every flight we doubt if it will fly well or will have a fly away, every update everything can go wrong. My emotional health is shaken.
same problem here, for 4 times i had this ESC error, some times i just restart like 12 times, it desapeared, the last time it did not. called dji they said to delete and reinstall the app. it worked for a while, now the same thing is happening. Did del and reinstall the app upgraded every thing, and nothing... the error won't go away the equipament won't fly. Thats so upseting when you so far away and you need to do the job, any updates on this? Is the dji breaking our aircraft after update? Haha its si sad to put so much money on a machine that don't work as it should.
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Hey guys, I know this thread is a bit old, but was not sure if anyone had found a solution for this or dealing with DJI. I have had quite an experience with them. I too had the ESC error, sent it into DJI, they sent it back 7 weeks later....Still with the ESC error. I sent it back a 2nd time...just got it back, still has ESC error. Im at a loss for words....
Mine is expected home this Friday. They replaced my camera (who knew) and esc for the one that was failing. All this took 8 weeks in their queue and an hour (one hour of actual labor) to swap out parts and maybe test. I will certainly post an update once I unpack. I hope they are sending back all the gear I sent (two controllers and 4 batteries as instructed "send us everything"). At this point I hope the ESC error is gone and that I can remember how to fly it.

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