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Finally, Inspire 1 Aircraft only, no accessories...

if in doubt do some mental math.
gimbal 650, remote 550, battery 150..... 1350 minus 2800 = 1450.

yup just as i suspected. in Chinese DJI math it works out pretty good for them, you pay about 500 bucks more then you should. which is still 500 more then what it's actually worth.

a used aircraft seems to be worth about 1000 bucks and a lot of the time they still have the camera and nothing else all in perfect working condition.

basically your paying 1000 dollars more for the warranty and thats what DJI is saying with this deal.

so for about the same price as a new bare bones dji inspire 1, if you shopped a little on ebay craigslist and amazon i'll bet for 2000 bucks you could end up with 2 aircraft and 2 gimbals on the used market, at that point you wouldn't need the dji warranty because you would have 3 aircraft all together and if you manage to break all of those then your doing something wrong.

this stuff only gets cheaper as it gets older and hopefully the demand will continue to decline for the i1 as cheaper competition comes out.

im not really sure who would actually do this, maybe someone could shed some light on it for me because at 2000 dollars your way past the half way point from having a complete setup from the same people for 2800.

sorry, i just noticed. 2100, plus tax and shipping.. yeah why not just buy new one complete? if this had the camera then it might be worth it.
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You haven't considered the exchange rate. Today it is 1.55, so equivelent USD is $2,728.97.

Maybe so ............... But I'm not in the USA
Sorry not my fault if the US buck is cheap to buy with GBP

Mean's we get cheap holidays .. across the pond..

Have a nice day
Wow, what an attitude.

I know you are not in the US. No one ever said it was your fault. Pricing generally comes out about the same when the exchange rate is applied.

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