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Future Proofing Camera

Feb 15, 2015
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This may be slightly off topic, but I thought I would take a stab at it here just in case someone here has a similar scenario:

We are upgrading our ground equipment in our company from DSLR Nikons to Blackmagic 4k Cinemas with Ronin stabilizers. We will then be, eventually, building an octocopter to fly the Blackmagic and whatever lens we have on it. Since our lineup of lenses is all Nikon, and the Blackmagic only takes EF Canon lenses or other non-Nikon styles, are options would be to either:

1. Get an adapter for the lenses to go from Nikon to EF Canon. This creates an issue because then all electronic communication between the lens and the camera is gone. Not a problem in theory, but it kind of stinks to lose that functionality. Has anyone here done this before? Some adapters are expensive, some aren't.

2. Get new lenses for it that are Canon EF. This would cost a buttload, or at least a good amount. I want to eventually fly a Tokina 11-16 Wide angle.

Also looking ahead, I'm nervous that flying with an adapter ring on the camera may cause problems. Would it function ok in the air with an adapter? Would it come loose? Ect, ect.

I'm excited to get this new equipment rolling because we can then blend the beautiful Inspire 4k aerial footage with 4k non-gopro footage from the ground seemlessly. When we film the inside of a home currently we are limited to DSLR 1080P, or I have actually walked through a home holding the Inspire and Phantoms in my hands. I have also walked gimbaled Gopros through homes, but the fisheye is brutal and unacceptable. Removing it post-production is not ideal either, as I'd rather just film non fished. The gimbaled Inspire in my hands produced good footage, but the camera I think overheated and the video signal was lost. In addition, it looks odd walking through a home holding a drone. I wouldn't want to do that outside in public either, as it wouldn't look very professional.

I know that the hand gimbal for the Inspire camera is coming, but while that may work for a home in real estate, it won't serve us well at large events or weddings like the Blackmagic will.

Thoughts anyone, and thanks for any input?


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