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Hard reset

Do you mean something more significant than turning it off and turning it back on but less than re-installing firmware? Those are the two resets I know of.
anyone knows how to hard reset this drone and rc?
There should be a way to reset to factory settings or hard reset like you do when your device freezes, but I don't know how, and havent seen any need to yet…. Probably no way to roll back a firmware upgrade though, especially if you think you've screwed up your upgrade process?

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Something went wrong updating my firmware to .17 android, now my inspire blinks yellow fast and won't connect to the transmitter
The single page of instructions that comes with the firmware should be enough ;)
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The single page of instructions that comes with the firmware should be enough ;)

I always read the instructions before asking any questions, or doing anything like updates. I've read my entire manual a few times however this issue happened because the inspire updated for about 40 straight minutes, then shut itself off and didn't turn back on again. It was because of other members that I figured it out, not the poorly wrote instructions from dji for the firmware updates.
I had to double post because when I edit my above post it butchers it, but my controller would not auto update when following the exact instructions. I've successfully updated it on the last update and it wasn't working this time. I had to completely start over erasing all data on the SD card, then I re installed the. 17 update loaded it into the inspire (it made no beeps this time) waited for camera to calibrate, THEN plugged in the TX to the camera. . It was after this that it finally updated the controller.
This is an absolute joke !
The manual on page 33 claims there is a button on the inspire that links the controller to inspire, THERE IS NO BUTTON
either this is a practical joke or a hidden button, or an outdated manual , or I am blind, but I have had this inspire a month and used it only an hour.
wow you are a lifesaver/ Its so well hidden its purple in my case / no exaggeration 5 people could not find that button
found the button but it did absolutely nothing still blinking fast yellow and no sign of that button even doing anything/ very frustrating
Make sure you all update your controller after updating your firmware on your bird. It will do this until the controller is updated. You can watch the tutorial in your academy in the flight app. I had this problem and tried the button and it didn't work until I updated my firmware in the controller.

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