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Hey guys I have a useful, cheap & easy modification for those hard to find buttons on the side of your Headplay FPV unit. The 6 buttons (4 which are recessed) can be a pain to locate. Easy fix! Go to a Hobby Lobby or Dollar/Discount store, & check out the "Tiny little fake Jewels" that are used by mostly the non-drone folks.... And get the size "small" to fit over the concave recessed buttons your having trouble locating. They have a adhesive backing that will stick to a clean plastic button. Mine have been on for weeks in 150degree heat & still on & work great. If you don't like them, NP they aren't superglue adhesive strength, so they will come off no problem. I paid $1.99 for several different sheets that had different sizes,colors & shapes. I also use them on the two buttons for Video & Still Pics on my Inspire TX.

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