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Hello from Ohio!

Apr 6, 2016
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Hello everyone,

and greetings from Northeast Ohio!

I have been fascinated with all things aviation for most of my life! As a kid I had a starter RC plane that was my first foray into remotely piloted craft. Life led me in some unique directions which allowed me to serve in the Navy aboard submarines (not exactly an airplane but boats do in a sense "fly" through the water via fairwater , stern planes, and rudder). Afterwards I had a chance to earn my private pilot certificate. Career advancement unfortunately has denied me the time to keep current and complete my commercial license requirements (instead I spend a good chunk of my week every week flying on commercial carriers from place to place!).

In my travels I always bring a camera of some sort with me as traveling always leads me to inspiration of some sort (well, weeks I have time to do a little exploration anyways!)

I had purchased a Phantom 2 a couple years ago to play with when a friend wanted to sell his. Enjoyed flying it for quite a while. I decided towards the end of last year that I wanted to upgrade to a quad that could support a better camera. This led me to purchasing an Inspire 1 Pro...Has been a wonderful quad so far!

BTW, much of my reasons and research prior to purchase came out of many posts I read and lurked on in this forum the past few months so my hats off to the many contributors here who have spent a good deal of time in writing.

I look forward to continued knowledge to learn from and now to possibly contribute in my own way!


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