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How many PPL holders?

Feb 2, 2015
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Interested to know how many people on here hold an FAA PPL or better and own an Inspire?
Prolly not many. I am working on mine, just the Radio license alone is alot of studying
I have a 80 hour certification from the Air Force special operations training center for small unmanned aircraft system. Don't really know how it transfers over but that's what I got also have a I1
I wish I was...the sad part is my mom bought me a free lesson back when I was like 21 and never got around to using it, wish I had now, possibly would have been a good start vs waiting on the faa to get their act together.

I'll be at least enrolling in ground school though later this spring/summer
Interested to know how many people on here hold an FAA PPL or better and own an Inspire?
Have my PPL(H) with turbine transition. Was lucky enough to get my rating in a Jetranger. Was interested because I was flying a while back and some guys came up and started flying a Phantom next to me. An aircraft flew by around 500' and the guys sat right in his path. Gave me a moments pause to think how much some sort of regulation is needed to ensure the safety of those of us in the air as well.
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I'm also an "or better", although no 747's or 777's in my logbook.... Yet.

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Types flown-

A330 -200/300

Current Types-


But I enjoy the Inspire 1 the most!
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European license but both flying PPL and ATPL-A B737 and the most funny, flying all kind of rc scale/warbirds and og course the excellent Inspire
No PPL, but Airman Certificate with A&P and FCC General. Hope to be first in line to add Part 107 Operator endorsement to Airman Certificate!
ATP; former 121 and 135 Captain. Mostly regional and private jets.. Currently building a sick aerobatic biplane.
Private Pilots license back in 1983 with a whopping 225 hours. A&P license since 1982. I plan on getting my flight review in a Light Sport Aircraft and exercising my privilege to fly as a Light Sport Pilot using my drivers license in lew of a 3rd class medical once I get my 333 exemption.

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