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I2 on offshore rigs

Yesterday I had a very bad mood caused by awfully tasting coffee :) ... Anyway, instead of messing with FW (which may render a catastrophic outcome), why don't you try to replace a compass module? It may be as simple as that ...
I could certainly try to do that. Is it an item I can purchase from somewhere and replace it myself or would I need to send my drone in?
I could certainly try to do that. Is it an item I can purchase from somewhere and replace it myself or would I need to send my drone in?
It is a very small board with multipin cable, mounted right behind the nose shell. Very easy to DIY. Try to search first online (AliExpress, eBay etc.), local repair shops perhaps ... Sending the bird may be a desperate solution ...
Bad days happen to us all. No worries.

I'm new to this forum but I've been flying drones with various cameras for over ten years now and RC airplanes and helicopters since the early 80's. I have three Inspire 2's each with their own X7 and lens sets for work. I bought the first I2 in spring of 2017. I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with the platform. But I’m new to the mod and hacking side of things and still have much to learn. In a nutshell, between off the shelf solutions like NLD and the true hacking side of the almost infinite (seemingly) number of parameters you can change within the developer and debug menus of Assistant 2 there is almost nothing you can’t modify on the platform. I have only skimmed the surface but there is quite a bit of reference material on YouTube and other forums which delve deep into this, including specific tutorials on how to change and alter specific behaviors like warnings and restrictions. I’ll leave that for you guys to research and discover as I have.

Please keep in mind that this likely voids any and all warranties. It also likely means you take on the burden of additional liability if something were to go wrong. And it can’t be said enough that you must be very, very careful in the developer menus as making mistakes could brick the machine and/or cause fatal errors in flight. If you go down this path you do so at your own risk and with the understanding that you assume all liability.
The P4P has the highest compressed bitrate of 100Mbps. The next step up is RAW. Your client wants RAW footage for an oil rig???? That seems like a huge overkill. All you will gain is greater color space and dynamic range. From a strictly "forensics" point of view, none of these carrots matter. What are they looking for? What do they think they will be gaining by shooting RAW?

Perhaps they want higher resolution? 4K not good enough?

My client is a major oil company, what they request I give them. They treat me fabulously, it's the very least I can do for them. We have an ongoing project that will require different focal lenses, among other things.

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