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inspire 1 camera has audio?

but the handheld gimbal coming out will be able to record audio. so the cam must have a mic to support. read from the other forum that the cam actually has mic but just no brain to process the audio. the gimbal will have that audio brain.
you are right but as it stands there is no audio I am afraid. Don't know the ins and out but in response to your question nobody with a inspire1 has audio. In the Handheld thread I asked the same question. People seem to think that the mic is on the handheld unit.
what audio exactly would you record with a drone camera, other than the noise of the motors/props. Watch some footage shot with a GoPro on a drone.... pretty annoying sound.
When the handheld controller for the inspire was announced one of the sites I read about it (engadget maybe?) said that the mic was built into the stick because the inspire had no mic.
Yes, there is a built-in microphone, as well as a mic jack in the Inspire Gimbal. The only question I have, that I don't believe has been addressed, is whether the audio and video are mixed when writing to the card, or audio is out to a separate file/stream.
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