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Inspire 1 concerns

Jun 17, 2014
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Hi guys , I'm seriously considering hopping on the inspire 1 boat. I follow posts here pretty religiously and I had a few quick questions. I've quite some experience flying 200 hours plus on the P2 H3-3d and some custom multi rotors.

1- Dealers?- What is the difference in buying it directly from DJI or through a dealer?
2- Gimbal?- How sensitive is the gimbal , is it modular to the point that I can remove it and it won't cost me a fortune? Is it as sensitive as the P2V+'s gimbal?
3- Prop wash/VRS- I know the i1 is a larger frame but is that any indication as to how susceptible it is to prop wash and VRS?
4-Hold out?- Are there any serious issues apart from auto take off/ lack of SDK and waypoints?

Thanks for your thoughts!
1. Right now, many dealers have stock (or will) before stock comes available on the DJI store waiting list.
You'll have to decide between ordering direct or going through a dealer (some dealers are better than others...).
2. Gimbal looks to be just as fragile as the P2V+ if that's what you meant.
3. No poster that I've read has reported any prop wash or vortex problems (but it's early...).
4. There's some early adopter issues like we always see on a release like this. Add vibration concerns to your list...
3. VRS: The props on the I1 have approximately twice the sweep area as the props on the P2 and are more spread out from each other. You may have noted that the maximum descent rate has been increased by DJI from 2m/s for the P2, to 4m/s for the I1. To me that says that they are more confident in its ability to resist entering VRS as it descends.

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