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Inspire 1 production for sale



Greetings, I have a brand-new inspire one production model with four batteries,pelican case and Samsung tablet for sale. I use UAVs for Marine research. Unfortunately we learned today that the inspire one will not allow the motors to start up while on a moving surface. The rocking of the boat does not allow us to power the motors up. I bought the aircraft from the New York distributor and they only offer Everturn credit. It turns out I'm stuck with the phantom 24 Marine launching. I'm only looking to get out what I paid for it. Please call 847-502-8227 for details.
Key west Florida at the moment with all the gear. Here until Saturday. Will post pictures tomorrow. Feel free to call 847-502-8227
Are you headed back up here to NY? I'm in NY 60 miles East of NYC. Might be interested.
I'm interested if you come down on the price some, not seeing the motivation to pay full retail for a used unit from a non-dealer.
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Strange you are asking for the same price you paid.....then I do not see the point of buying used gear for the price of new? It's too bad cause i'm just about to buy an Inspire. Anyway, best of luck
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