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Inspire 2 charging hub

I've had my Inspire 2 for a couple of weeks now and love it. I have found that when inserting the batteries into the stock charging hub they are often difficult to get properly seated. Is this a common issue?

Howdy Dr. Ifly! I have had the same issue from time to time. I've had it click into place, only to find it wasn't charging and I needed to give it an extra push to get it seated into place and charging. After inspecting my charging hubs (I have two of them), it appears that sometimes the locking mechanism on the hub doesn't always lock in 100%. Not a big deal though, I usually just give all the batteries an extra push to ensure they start the charging process. Are you finding that your unit won't charge the batteries at all, even after adjusting the fitting?
I've not found a way to adjust how they fit. As best I can tell, it appears to be related to having perfect alignment with the horizontal guide the battery rides upon and the docking/charging port. Since the horizontal guide is only on one side there is room for misalignment and unless that big multi-pin port aligns perfectly, it's easy for it to seem fully seated and it's not.
Think it's fairly normal - you've just got to make sure the charger is on a firm and reasonably level surface and that you firmly insert the batteries into the charger. Just make sure the light for the battery is lit up in either green or yellow. If not, then just give it a firmer push!!

I've found if the charger hub is on an uneven or soft surface (like carpet) then the port doors don't always lie flat and the battery doesn't register in the hub, you can sometimes knock one off charge when you push another in and tilt the hub slightly.

Not the best of designs - looks great as a design, but falls short in the real world!
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