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Inspire 3 coming. questions...

Jul 6, 2021
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Hi Inspire Pilots. We've pre-ordered an Inspire 3 for our advertising photo and video studio. Hoping it will replace both the M600 w/ Canon R5 we use for stills, and the Inspire 2 we use for video. Might be wishful thinking but both of those birds have been well used so we have our fingers crossed and we're especially looking forward to never having to carry the M600 into airline luggage ever again.

In classic DJI fashion it's tough to sift through the details ahead of time and this release seems even worse, especially since it's hopefully arriving in two weeks (or less). Questions:

1. Can I assume that in order to use a second remote for gimbal-operator, I need to order another $1600 RC Plus remote? None of the remotes we already have will work? I don't currently have any remotes with built in screen, but probably most of the other DJI remotes - Mavic, FPV, etc. None of those will pair, correct?
2. Is recording to the SSD the only media possiblity? No micro slot on this one?
3. Has anyone found a hard case available, or have an idea of what the "trolley" dimensions are to know which hard case size the stock case will fit in? Waterproof case is a requirement for my work.

Those are the big ones for now. Thanks in advance for any responses. JL
You can download the I3 manual. I've enjoyed reading through it while waiting...

BlueCollarSky's answers are spot on, although to clear up any ambiguity for #2 - there seems to only be an SSD. No micro cards. Page 102 on the manual describes the SSD options.
DJI tends to create remotes with only certain drones supported I would doubt the older remotes will work. I just moved my RC Pro from my Mavic 3 to my mini3 pro and moved the RC to the Mavic 3 . Those drones under the DJI Fly app tend to be interchangeable.
I know my Matrice wont work with the RC Pro. I would like to see DJI make more universal controllers (especially when the cost 1200 plus).

Good question.
To add to the confusion the RC Plus that works with the m350/m300/m30 is not the same RC Plus that works with the Inspire 3.

But yeah - older remotes won’t work on the I3.
Does the DJI RC Pro work with the Inspire 3, as a camera controller?

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