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Inspire Crash, Search, and Rescue

I am glad you found her. Did you have a redundant tracking system to find her?

Nope. Thankfully I was in contact with it when it touched down. I followed the location on my app, which actually put me really close!

However if I never re-established contact, I would have had a much larger search area...
Good job! I am happy to see you found it. That must have been so mentally challenging walking through that heat just in the "hopes" of finding it.

I am truly happy for you.
You should have immediately flipped to ATTI mode when you regained control. It flies much faster and doesn't waste battery trying to follow an exactly straight line. I am glad for you that it was undamaged after landing.

I am surprised by the flight track at the turn around point. It appears to have flown in a perfectly straight line in a direction pointing somewhat away from your home point...
Absolutely amazing learning experience for us all. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the damage free recovery!
Sorry for your issue man but that was a great video. Liked your music and the "story." I felt for you when you lost it then even worse when you were climbing. When you found it I felt like I was there with you. Very happy for you.
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Lesson learned: Never fly in really high wind!

I really appreciate those times where I learned a heart pumping lesson without a huge financial penalty. I've been there. Think yours was physically harder though. I saw that it was suggested that switching to ATTI when you regained control would have gotten you a bit more speed on the return, which is true, but it's unlikely that you would have made it all the way back. And trying to land quickly, in the wind, like you had to (quite nicely I might add) would have been more difficult in ATTI (unless you also thought, during that panicked landing moment, to switch back to P-GPS).

That's for the story. We're both wiser now!

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