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Inspire crash - what happened?

May 27, 2015
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Hey guys!

So I was loosing my "fear of flying" (first time flyer here) after slowly doing exercises on several flights. All my flights went really well, awesome stability and super easy to control even with wind.

I was going to shoot a different landscape today, nothing crazy, and was at a park, using a sidewalk (leveled) to take off from. I have a flight check list to always remember everything, and always calibrate compass and check IMU calibration, and wait for full gps signal.

I took off 1 to 2 meters in the air very slowly and stayed there by not touching anything - I always do this because I like watching it transform, and I was showing it to my girlfriend. One second in the air and the inspire goes mental, starts going straight right full throttle and I tryed to compensate by going left and down. It ended up hitting a wall breaking 3 blades, flipped over and scrached the white plastic body (fortunatly only that, if it didnt flip It could damage the gymbal/camera)

Dji 24/7 support only asked me to email dji support (and I did), but I would like you guys opinions too.

I was really lucky I didnt go higher because I could have lost the drone, damaged property or even hit someone.

I was recording so I have video, but it stopped recording just before it hit the floor. The gimbal is great so it doesnt seem like it was going that fast and crazy but believe me it was all over the place.

(its processing as of the date and time of this thread, so if you try watching right now might not work)

Thanks in advance!
Nothing we can do but speculate and ask you all of the same questions everyone gets asked. The only thing that helps in the end is what DJI says. Most people here seem to agree that many of these errors are compass errors. Checking your surroundings and making sure you are clear before you do a compass and IMU calibration are pretty key. Large metal objects are not your friend. Most people will also tell you to check your mod values before you go up. These help when you rely on the unit to fly itself with all of the sensors. I honestly fly almost always in atti mode and haven't done a compass calibration, IMU calibration or even checked a value since I did my last download (not recommended its just my way).
Hi thanks for the reply!
I did check the IMU and it said "no calibration necessary" or something similar cant recall the message. I always calibrate the compass too, it only takes 30 seconds.

Im guessing that bug isnt 100% fixed...
Might sound weird but at this point i would love that this problem was caused by me. If it was my error, the solution would be simple
did you check the compass mod value ?
did you do an IMU calibration before your first flight?
A compass calibration isnt really needed every flight, in theory, once a good calibration is achieved, the only things that will affect it are sources of magentic interference, the same as would affect a normal compass. And magnetic declination of the earth, which changes as you get further from the point where you calibrated the compass.

if the value at takeoff is close to 1450 and there is no ferrous material at the takeoff point, it should be good to go
did you have the camera on the I1 whe you calibrated th compass?
I believe i did it without props or gimbal, but i have done it with the gimbal on it before.
I checked the compass values 10 mins ago just out of curiosity and the mod was around 1600
you should do it with the gimbal on, the props wont make any difference.
Ok ill do that thanks!
Did a test flight with a decent ammount of wind, the footage is still good but i had to do a lot of adjustments manually.

Once DJI gets back to me ill let you know their analisys

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