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Inspired At Rainbow Mountain Wilderness

Its easy to get all wrapped up in the technicalities of the Inspire, what updates work and what ones don't, what DJI should have done and what they should be doing, which tablets work well and which ones are crap so its a real treat to see a video like this that reminds us (well, me at least) why we buy and fly these amazing machines in the first place. Thanks for the video AlexanderAF!!
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Thanks! I just fly it in straight loops for the first two minutes to check things out (if I get a compass error it will usually expose itself then), then fly it 1,600 feet up the sides of the mountain and within feet of the rocks. Hasn't let me down...yet.

I guess if anything does happen it will shatter into millions of pieces as it tumbles a quarter mile straight down. I can mail it back to DJI and say "I was flying it in my backyard and it just fell into tiny pieces".

But seriously though, I'm just amazed at how capable this thing really is.
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