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InspirePilots Transfer of Ownership

Dec 8, 2012
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Austin, TX
To the community:

I want to let you know that I’ve decided to sell Phantom Pilots and Inspire Pilots forums to a company that I think can help take it to the next level and implement many of the great ideas that you have all shared with me. Some of you may know Jacob. He is a genuine DJI enthusiast. He’s a contributor to our site and runs TheDJIGuy YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/thedjiguy) Jacob has been a regular contributor on multirotor topics for web conferences and blogs over the last couple of years. The company that Jacob and his family run has extensive experience in web and mobile technology application development and commercialization. They have great ideas about expanding the site to include more industry-specific news, social media extensions and support for the community.

Thanks for helping contribute to the forum so that it has become a really valuable resource for the DJI community. I’ll continue to be a member of the community and engaged in the forum, so I look forward to experiencing the next phase of growth along with you.

Honestly, these guys are going to give you the tools and content I never could. They are going to do a fantastic job, and I am so happy to be a part of the future of PhantomPilots - contributing with the members in anyway that I can.

For the last three years, thank you for the time, posts, and encouraging PM's. I will still be here under username Adam...

If you have any specific questions, the new site admin will be following this thread and answering any questions you may have.

Thanks Adam. I'm excited to see how we can make this a better place.
Thank you Adam for your enterprise in venturing into this and humility for letting go for the good of all of us
Thanks for all your work,these 2 sites has helped me a lot.Nice to see you are going on the same name and keep on this forum.
THANK YOU, ADAM for this forum. It's the only one I've chosen to get into, and it's been awesome. Hope it stays that way.
Thanks Adam! Although I'm the new guy here, the professionalism of the forum is why I joined. Wishing you the best in future endeavors.

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